Saturday, July 31, 2010

Graduation Party

Well, it's been almost three months since Scottie graduated from medical school and we are just now having a party for him. We couldn't do it right after graduation since he left a week later for officer training, and then had to start his residency as soon as he got back. Today was the best day for him, even though he worked the night before and had to work right after the party. I told you this residency life was going to be tough!

But we had a good time and I am so happy that we had the chance to celebrate all of his hard work. I'm almost getting teary thinking about everything he has accomplished, I am so proud of my husband!!

I made a little table in our front room with a few pictures and his diploma. There were some cards on there from our family. Thank you!!!

This my cookie table, and I am so proud of it!! I asked Scottie if it was okay to do this instead of a cake because they are ridiculously expensive, even at Wal-Mart. He didn't mind, and I got an excuse to bake cookies!! I love baking, but I don't like to have cookies around because I will eat them all. This was the perfect way for me to bake and not eat everything in sight. Although there are some left over and I'm trying to think of how to get rid of them, maybe meet some new neighbors??

I put gift bags on the table with some ribbon so everyone could take cookies home. I love this idea. I read an article somewhere that suggested doing it for a bridal shower. All the guests are asked to bring a batch of their favorite cookies and a copy of the recipe for the bride. Then everyone gets to take home cookies and the bride gets a stack of new recipes. Great idea!!!

Avery and Nana. Wow, Mom was a life saver. Even though I had been working on the house and the cookies for three days straight, I just didn't have the energy to get it all done. Luckily Mom helped me finish cleaning and we spent the whole morning getting the food ready. Thanks again Mom, I couldn't have done it without you!

The food table, which is also our new set of cabinets that Scottie made. I am so impressed with his skills. He bought the cabinets and then cut plywood for the back and sides, and cut trim for the corners. Then he painted it and put the counter top on it. I LOVE it!! It really looks good in the kitchen and has given me a lot more storage/counter space. Thank you hubby!

I was trying to take different pictures of the party and everything we had done. My brother-in-law Joe thought I was taking a random picture of him. To be honest I didn't even notice there were people standing there, I was taking a picture of the food table. Which is why everyone is in mid-motion. Oops! ;)

Scottie's Granny, Grandma and Grandpa Conner, and his dad Jeff.

Scottie's family that came to the party, including his "Aunt" Rena (she's really Penny's cousin but more like an Aunt) and his cousin Jesse.

Like every party I go to, I got busy talking and socializing and stopped taking pictures. So sadly I didn't get a picture of my Uncle Mark, Aunt Teresa, and cousins Katie, Amanda and her family. We were so happy they came to celebrate with us, and can't wait to play Things again with the rest of the Jenkins crew! :)

Grace and her cousins caught a butterfly that was definitely in it's last hour of life. Although I think all of their love and "experiments" helped it move on to butterfly heaven a little faster then mother nature intended. I'm not sure what experiments they did, but I know they weren't trying to hurt it. They named it Jessica, drew pictures of her after she passed away, and created a song about Jessica the butterfly. I love how these kids play together, they are so funny to watch.

Grace, Chloe, Dylan, and Ezra help Jessica into her new home. They even put grass in there for her to eat, maybe her last meal? ;) Avery was there "helping" too, but we didn't get a picture of her with them.

After the party Grace was talking about Jessica the butterfly. She said "well Jessica is in heaven now, or maybe hell.... if she killed somebody." I didn't know how to respond and she sounded so serious, so I just waited until she left the room to burst out laughing.

The girls found the dress up box in the basement. This is one of their favorite activities when they get together. Chloe looks so cute in the Snow White costume, but I don't about Grace in her ripped up Star Wars costume from two years ago. She loves it so I guess that's all that matters.

You gotta love cousins!!! The girls were trying to talk us into letting Chloe stay the night, which is something her mom Amanda and did all the time when we were younger. It was almost like going back in time listening to them tell us how it would work even though Chloe didn't have any clothes with her. If I hadn't been totally wiped out from the past few days of party preparations I would have said yes, as long as it worked out with Amanda. But I was about the fall over by the end of the day. We promised the girls we would work something out soon so they could have a sleep over. How could we say no? They get along so well and have the best time together. We will definitely have to do something soon!!

Thanks again to everyone who was able to come. I know there were a lot of people who wanted to, but it just didn't work out. We appreciate every one's notes of encouragement and congratulations. Thank you to all of our family and friends for supporting us the past four years. Not only does it take a village to raise a child, but it takes a village to help someone make it through medical school without losing their mind!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Starting My Summer Updates

The girls have been trying to get out and play in our big backyard. It's been a little hard to play with this sweltering heat and humidity. Hopefully the humidity will go down soon and we can start enjoying our yard more!

I know I've said it before, but Grace is such a great big sister. She plays with Avery and helps her all the time. I love watching them play together on the swing set.

Starting the day together.

Avery likes to feed people. I just wish she didn't like to drop food on the floor as well. If only she would eat all of her food, the little bird! (Can you see Daddy completely out in the background? This is right after he came home from the night shift. I am so glad this is not a permanent rotation.)

Avery was trying to help Grandpa tighten the legs on the table. She never got to the legs, but she sure looks cute anyway.

I have been wanting to go to the downtown farmers market ever since we moved here, but didn't want to venture out there on my own. So Dad and Carol went with us when they came to visit last weekend. I think I will enjoy it when the weather cools down. It was almost too hot to walk around and shop. There were some small food vendors, produce, and then homemade goods like ceramics, soaps, jewelry, etc... It was cute, but I don't want to go again until it cools down!

Grace got some flowers at the market. They were closing down and the man was selling everything for a dollar. So she got to pick out several different colors of flowers, and then put them in a vase at home. They are still sitting on our table and look very pretty! (Yes, she is sitting in the stroller. Avery wanted to walk and Grace didn't, so they switched. But only because Dad was there to push, there is no way I could push Grace around now.) *Sorry I cut your head off Dad, it wasn't personal. ;)

Grandma and Avery walking through the market.

This has become Avery's favorite spot in the house. Scottie has been putting together some cabinets in the kitchen for me. This kitchen is small and has very little cabinet/drawer space. Avery is going to be so upset to find that Daddy has finished painting them and will soon be filled with all of the kitchen stuff that has been piled up in the corner. I have a feeling she is going to try and play in it anyway. So I need to make sure I put tupperware in there instead of anything breakable.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Death of a blog or New Life?

My Uncle Bill emailed me and asked if our blog had died now that we actually survived medical school. I've thought about it off and on this summer, and decided that it just needs some new life. I've renamed it "Surviving Residency" and believe me I can already tell the next three years will be a survival of the fittest!!

I've stayed pretty quiet on the blog since May. As I told my uncle, I haven't felt very positive lately and didn't want to fill the blog with gripes and complaints. But if I truly want to document our experiences through this medical journey, then I'll have to put out the good and the bad. This intern year is going to be hard for all of us, and the added blessing of our baby boy will bring it's share of joy and tough times as well. So hopefully you won't mind if I sound down or stressed sometimes. Just know, I'm only expressing my complaints and not spirally down into a deep depression. (Grandma ;)

I've got a lot of pictures from this summer that I would like to share. I'm hoping to start back tracking and posting some of the good times we've had so far. Stay tuned, because I feel like I'm getting my blog groove back together.