Monday, May 30, 2011

So much to do

I think Jude is saying, "Hey Mom, you have a lot of posts to write. Where are they?" Well Jude, you're right. I have a lot of pictures I want to post and write about, but I just haven't got to it yet. The month of May has been so busy. I'm not complaining though. It finally feels like we are getting a life here in Ohio. It's still not my favorite place, but at least we have a few things to do now.

Keeping up with this nut ball is a full time job! :)

This picture reminds me that I need to go to the grocery store. The girls love Jude's snacks and that's about all we have in the house right now. Hopefully I can get some more pictures on here soon!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rainy Wednesday

I love babies in just a diaper. Especially sitting next to a pile of laundry that I will probably ignore for another day. ;)

Love my chunky monkey!

Sweet Avery

What's your Wednesday look like?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter Weekend

I know this is a little late, but Scottie went on night shift shortly after Easter and I've been a bit busy!!

We went to his grandma and grandpa Conner's for dinner on Good Friday. It is so nice to be an hour away from family now. Hopefully we can get over there more now that it's easier to travel with Jude. Here he is with his great Aunt Joy, and she is great!! :)

Everybody loves Aunt Joy!

Scottie, Penny, Grandpa Conner, and Jude

All three kids with their Great Grandparents. The girls love going to their house, especially to see their bird Ringo. :)

Jude and Rena. She is the amazing talent behind Jude's hat, blanket, and Avery's new beautiful blanket. I love everything she has made for them! She's now started on a blanket for Grace because I told her I thought Grace would prefer a new book for a present. But when she saw Jude and Avery's blankets she got a little sad. So of course, being the nice person she is, Rena started on one for Grace. I have no doubt that it will be as beautiful as the other two.

Since Scottie had to work on Sunday morning, we did their baskets on Saturday. It felt a little strange to do them that day, but the girls loved their dolls and of course the candy!!

Jude getting his first taste of Peeps. I think he liked it. ;)

It rained that weekend so the community egg hunt was canceled. So we put the leftover candy in plastic eggs and had a hunt at home. They had fun, but I hope we can do one outside next year.

You can't let the Easter season pass by without coloring eggs. I don't know what this tradition has to do with Christ's resurrection, but it's still fun.

My pretty girl.

Even though I was flying solo that morning, we still made it to church. I was sad to go by myself, but it was important to me to go to church on Easter morning. I'm thankful for what Jesus did for me and was happy to celebrate that morning, even if I had to go by myself.

I think this sums up our life lesson here: Life isn't always picture perfect, but you keep trying anyway.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Johnny Jump Up and a Burp

Jude has really started enjoying his johnny jump up. He just bounces away and loves it! I wanted to video tape him in it today and of course Avery had to be right there! She is standing next to me watching him jump. Pay close attention after he stops jumping because she gives us all a lovely burp. It cracked me up!

**The jump up is a little noisy, so you might want to watch the volume when you play the video.