Monday, May 3, 2010


This is what we hear every night before Avery falls asleep, and the first thing she says when she wakes up in the morning. It is so cute. I wanted to get it on video without her hearing me. Sorry about the dark video, it was the only way to capture her sweet voice. ;)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is teacher appreciation week. When I was a teacher the PTO usually gave us little things throughout the week. But Gracie's school doesn't do that and it's up to the room parents to do things for the teachers. I didn't realize I was a room parent, but somehow I ended up being one of six mom's who were emailed and asked if we would take a day to do something for the teachers. At first I thought, sure I can bake some cookies or something small like that. (In my teaching experience we got one small thing each day, a can of pop, a candy bar, sticky notes or a pen.) Then the other mom's started emailing back and signing up for their day. I was shocked when they starting saying things like: an edible arrangement, gift certificates to a restaurant, a basket of flowers for the teacher and one for the assistant... Great, a plate of chocolate chip cookies is going to look pretty lame. ( Just for the record, I know Gracie's teachers would not think this because they are two great ladies, it's just my own problem with peer pressure!!) So I tried to think of something fun, but not overly expensive to do for my day. I really like what I ended up doing and think it's better than a plate of cookies!!

I bought two small baskets at Walmart and then filled it with goodies that the teachers said they liked. Not all of them were on the list, but they went with my theme so I hope they like it! :)

Here's what I put in the basket and their little sayings:

Diet Dr. Pepper: You're just what the Dr. ordered.
popcorn: Have a POPPIN' good week.
Extra gum: You always go the EXTRA mile for us.
Starburst: You are a STAR in our eyes.
Bliss chocolates: Having you for a teacher is pure BLISS.
Peanut M&Ms: We are NUTS about you.
Reese Pieces: We love you to PIECES.
Payday: For all you do, you deserve an extra PAY DAY.

I hope they like their gift!! I know I would have loved to get something like that for teacher appreciation day.

** I know it sounds like I'm complaining, and I don't mean to whine. I just think it's a little unfair for six people to have to foot the bill for the teachers when there are 23 students in the class. The school didn't contact the main room parent until Thursday, which didn't give us any time to collect money from the other parents. I am definitely all about showing appreciation for her teachers because I know how much work it takes to make a classroom work everyday, and her teacher is awesome!! I think I'm just tired and feel like complaining. I really shouldn't write anything past 8:00 because I just get cranky. So I'm going to stop writing. I just wanted to share my idea because I think it turned out pretty cute, and I'm excited to give it to her teachers because they deserve a lot of appreciation!!