Saturday, July 12, 2008

Can you see the resemblance?

Looks like Grace and her baby sister already share a bad habit. For those of you who don't know yet we are having another girl! We'll post more in a few days, once we recover from the move.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Packing 2008

Grace helped me pack a little bit the other night. It reminded me of when we were packing to come out here two years ago. I posted a video below that shows her packing in our house. She was only two and half and she wanted to help so bad. She finally drove us nuts so we got a giant box and told her to pack all the shoes in it. We didn't care about how they were packed, we just wanted to keep her busy. The video is a weird color, but you get the point. We are slowly starting to get things packed up here. I'm having a harder time getting big boxes this time. My friend told me to go to the recycling place to get good boxes. The only catch is you have to go early in the morning before they crush all of them. You know what a morning person I am! Hopefully we can get some big boxes and really get this place packed up. Only 12 more days!!!!

Packing 2006

Last Part of Our Trip

We spent the last part of our trip in Indiana with Scottie's parents. This was taken outside of Joe's apartment in Indianapolis. Every time we go up there it just makes me miss living in Indy. Maybe we will live there again some day, but it will be at least 10 more years. :(

Grace loves her Uncle Joe. We have a hard time getting her to leave every time. She just grabs onto him and won't let go. We like that Uncle Joe always gives good gifts. :) If she has a name brand outfit, it usually came from him!

Here's Gracie with Ma maw (I don't know how to spell it) and her Grandma Conner. Don't they look great together?!

Aunt Joy is another favorite of Gracie's. She loves Gracie to pieces and has the sweetest heart. She's also another one that gives good gifts, even to mom and dad!! Thanks for the shirt Joy, I've worn it twice already!

We were able to get a picture of Grace with Granny and her cousins Dakota and Dalton. She had blast playing with them. Of course Granny always has us laughing! Can you see the little black dog in the kitchen? (the one Kingsley is staring down?) That's Jeff and Penny's dog Rascal. I'm sad to say that Rascal passed away the other day. He was getting really old. He was such a cute dog. Gracie wanted to make sure that her Papaw made a sign for Rascal to show where he is buried. She didn't seem too sad, she just acted like it's a natural part of life. I guess that's good, but I thought she would be a little bit sad. I know we are sad to see him go. :(