Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer Haircut

Well, I finally gave in and let Gracie get her haircut short. Scottie has wanted to cut her hair for a long time now, but I kept shooting him down. I just like long hair. But it is getting close to summer and since she rarely lets me pull her hair up, a short hair cut will probably be a lot cooler. My favorite hair person is in Utah for a few weeks, so I broke down and took her to a beauty salon. I think she did a pretty good job, but I don't like it when they blow dry her hair straight. It just doesn't look right to me. So I am anxious to see what it will look after her bath tonight. Grace and Scottie are happy, so I guess that makes me happy! I put that last picture in because I think Kingsley looks funny. He didn't feel like posing, so we got an action shot. I'll try and take a picture tomorrow when her hair is curly and post so you can see the difference. I hope it looks cute. If not, we can always grow it out!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Kids Day in Kirksville

On Saturday the ambulance people (for lack of a better term) had a Kid's Fair to help promote health awareness. The fire department was there, as well as a policeman with his K-9 dogs. They had a jumping house, a big blow-up slide, and pony rides. One of my favorite things was the free lunch!! They gave out grilled hot dogs, chips, cookies, and Pepsi. You gotta love free food!! Grace loved riding her pony Gypsy. There was another horse tied up that you could pet. It was hard to get her to go do anything else. She loves horses so much! Maybe Grandpa should consider getting one, he's got the room. :) :)
Afterwards we headed to Wal-Mart, because let's face there's no where else to go in K-ville. We saw that the McDonald's across the parking lot was having a customer appreciation day. They had several animals out for the kids to pet. Grace couldn't tear herself away from the chickens. She wasn't scared at all to pick them up. In fact we had to force to stop so we could go grocery shopping. She is such a farm girl.
They let her get in the pen with the baby sheep. I made the comment that we use to have baby sheep like that in our basement, and then realized how weird that sounded. So mom and dad, why did we have baby sheep in our basement?? I know we eventually moved them to the barn but it seems so random to have them in the basement. I miss Betsy and what ever the other one's name was. They were stupid, but sweet. I"m sure dad doesn't miss them. I think they were a bit of a pain. Anyway... Grace thought they were pretty cute.
The last animals they had were two baby calves. Grace got to bottle feed one of them. I think this picture is so sweet. She had so much fun playing with all the animals. Like I said we had to make her leave so we could shop. As we walked away Scottie and I were discussing how it was kind of disturbing for McDonald's to have chickens and cows in front of their store. Luckily they had enough sense not to offer free samples of cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets. That's a good way to turn the children of the world into vegetarians. Of course I do not oppose vegetarianism, it's just not a very good marketing plan. What do you think?

Welcome Wyatt

My step-sister Jill had her baby on Friday morning. His name is Wyatt Robert. He weighed 6lbs 10 oz and was 20 in. long. My doctor informed me last week that my chances of having a six pound baby were pretty much non-existent. So I'll just look at Wyatt to see what a baby that small looks like. What a cutie!

Here's a picture of Carol and Stuart holding the baby. They said that Stuart sang him a song and he went to sleep, so now he thinks his singing can put his brother to sleep. (But really Wyatt had just got done eating, but why burst his bubble?)

This is Stuart and Wyatt with their dad Jake. When Grace saw this picture she said "Aww, look at the baby, hey... they went to McDonalds!" The girl loves her McDonalds!!

Isn't this a cute picture? Stuart looks like a pro! I can't wait to see little Wyatt when we are in Indiana next week. Maybe Stuart can give Gracie some tips on being the older sibling!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blackberry Pie and a Stomach Bug

For Mother's Day I decided to bake one of my favorite desserts. I deserve it, right? But first I should add that my darling husband and daughter took me to Ruby Tuesday's and gave me a really nice card. In fact Scottie wrote a very sweet note in it. I'm not big on gifts, and him writing those things meant more than flowers or candy. (Not that I would turn down those things. :) So to top it off I made blackberry pie. I tried a new recipe, and I think I will keep looking for a great one. The filling was really good, but it needed something more for the crust. But I thought I would post a picture to show off the cute hearts Gracie helped me cut out. Even though this wasn't my favorite recipe I still helped myself to a big warm portion with ice cream. Goodbye hips, hello gestational diabetes!!

So Mother's Day was going fairly well, everything was calm and quiet... until about 10:00 p.m. Gracie had been complaining about her stomach, but I just figured she had snuck some candy while I wasn't looking. (Showcasing my great mothering skills on mother's day. Every great mother automatically thinks their child is disobedient and sneaky, right??!!) But she proved me wrong by throwing up all over her bed. And I do mean all over. In fact she was still half asleep and thought it would be nice to roll in it all. It was a lovely sight. I called Scottie to come home and help me, since he was still at school studying. I got her cleaned up and then cleaned her room while Scottie made her a bed on the floor by the bathroom. (shown in the picture above) She then proceeded to get sick every hour until about 12:30 the next day. It was a rough night and day for everyone. To top it off Scottie got sick about 3:30 in the morning and threw up all over our bedroom floor. He was so sweet to clean it up himself as I sat curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth, crying about how I couldn't possibly clean up one more mess. What a night!!

This is my poor little baby taking a nap in the afternoon. She felt so crummy at this point. She was begging for something to eat and drink. But every time she had something, it just came right back up. I hate seeing her like this. Thankfully it's over and she is going back to school tomorrow. Just one more week and we are all on summer vacation. I can't wait to come to Indiana and visit everyone. We'll leave the puking at home, hopefully! ;)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Daddy Daughter Night

Last night Gracie and Scottie went to the Cinderalla Ball at Truman State University. It's the Christian version of the daddy daughter dance. I think it was started by a couple of ladies in our church who wanted a more modest version of the communities dance. One of my friends at church said the daddy daughter dance that Kirksville has every year had started to become a little sketchy with their choice of music and attire. So they started hosting a dance and it focuses more on the father/daugther relationship through God's eyes. They had a really good time last night. They got their picture taken with a polaroid camera, and then got to decorate a foam frame to put it on. They also received a memory book that they did together. They had to draw a picture of themselves together, and then Gracie answered the question: I love my daddy because, and then I filled it in for her when she got home. The second page is for Scottie to fill out, he has to fill out the reasons why he's glad God gave him her for a daughter. Then the last page they drew together. They had to draw something fun they want to do together. Grace wants to go to the little circus thats coming to town next week. So they drew that together. ( I told Scottie he would have to take her, you know me and my crazy animal rights. I hate for animals to be shipped from place to place just to be put on display for a night. Okay, I'm glad I got that out!) So all in all they had a great night. Scottie knew most of the guys there because they were from church, and Gracie's favorite friend Rachel was there. (They share the exact same birthday. :) She wanted her hair up so I twisted little sections up and pinned them, and then we put flowers in the front. Scottie said her hair lasted about 40 minutes and then it fell out. He said as soon as her and Rachel started dancing one of the flowers fell out and Rachel was trying to shove it back in, so they eventually just took it out. But it looks cute for pictures. I love that they got to do this, and I'm sure they will both keep it has a cherished memory.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Too Funny

I found this picture today on the internet. Someone was having a going away party and ordered a cake from Wal-Mart. They told the person to put "Best Wishes Suzanne" underneath that "We will miss you." The fact that the person wrote everything the customer said isn't the funniest part. They also misspelled the word underneath!!! This totally made my day. Good old Wal-Mart! Sorry for the lack of posts, but to be honest things have been pretty boring around here. Maybe if we get a life sometime soon I'll have more to write about. Until then I'll just keep laughing at other people. (I'm so mean)