Thursday, February 26, 2009

Valentine's Brunch

Gracie's teacher had a Valentine's brunch for the mom's on the 13th. The kids put on a little program and then we got to eat some yummy food after they sang. The first picture was the place setting for each mom. The kids also had a treat bag with a heart cup. I told Gracie's teacher that she put my teaching years to shame. I gave my students a treat bag or a candy bar and I thought I was doing pretty good. Her teacher has such a kind heart, and has really made this year wonderful. We will miss her next year. I feel blessed to have had her for Gracie's teacher. To top it off Avery slept through the whole thing! We had a really good time. I put a couple of videos from the program. The second one was suppose to be a thank you to the mom's for taking their kids to the places in the song. It was really cute.

My Little Heart

My little heart has a great big love, a great big love for Jesus

I heard him knock,

I let him in,

Now my little heart has a great big love, a great big love for Jesus

Restaurant Song

This isn't the best video quality, and it doesn't help that I kept laughing and making the camera shake.

More Talking

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Long Distance Friends

We have been very lucky to see our friends Kim and Gabby two weekends in a row. We were in Indy to go to the indoor water park and then my cousins birthday party. But everyone got sick so they had to cancel the party. :( The top picture was taken at our old church. Kim and family still go there, and since we were in Indy Sunday morning we decided to visit our old church. It was really fun to see how it has changed since they have done a lot of remodeling since we left. After church we went out to lunch with Mom and her new boyfriend Steve. (I meant to post a picture of mom and her lunch since they gave her double of what she ordered. I will have to add it to the water park pictures later.) The girls both order steak and Cheetos. They were being silly the whole time. The last picture was from the next weekend at Gabby's birthday party. I just can't get over how big they have gotten. I need to post a picture of them from when they were little and compare it to now. It's neat that they have pictures together from birth to present. They are too cute!

Being Silly

I was getting ready the other morning and left Gracie to entertain Avery while I was busy. I heard her giggling and just had to see what she was up to. I found Avery sitting in her Bumbo chair with her taggie blanket on her head. (Which I am very proud to say I made myself! :) They were both smiling and having a good time. I am amazed at how great of a big sister Gracie is to Avery. She can make her smile or calm down faster than anyone. I hope they will always have a good relationship. Although I'm sure there will be some fights along the way, especially when little sister wants to tag along with her big sis. But I have a feeling they will be best friends!

Avery "Talking"

Here is a little clip of Avery talking to us. She gets pretty talkative in the evening, especially when Scottie gets home. I love listening to her. She has such a sweet voice. You can hear Kingsley panting in the background. He was playing with his toy. We finally had to take it away because he was getting crazy with it. Maybe we should just change his name to Crazy, it fits him better. :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Major Mess

Avery had a very messy day yesterday. She had fallen asleep sideways in the Boppy. After a few minutes I saw that she was awake and just laying there contently. When I bent down to talk to her I noticed a really nasty smell. Since that isn't uncommon for her I just picked her up and figured I would change her soon. It only took me about 30 seconds to realize that something wasn't right... something felt very wet. When I turned her over this is what I saw. I'm not even going to describe what it looked like on the inside. (How did I get here? I'm blogging about my baby's poop. I think I need a life.) Grace had a similar incident when she was the same age. Except she was wearing a onesie and it was so bad we had to cut it off of her. Maybe every baby goes through this at two months old. I hope we don't see it again!!

Of course she felt a lot better after emptying, what I can only guess was her entire colon. She was all smiles. But this was the closest we could get to taking a picture of one.

Here she is nice and clean. She is sitting in her new Bumbo chair. She seems to like and will sit in it for a little while. Of course nothing is long term for her, except somebody's lap. I love her little headband. I never put them in Gracie's hair. She just never seemed like a headband girl, but Avery does for some reason. Grace still doesn't like me to put things in her hair. Maybe Avery will be more of a hair girl. We'll just have to wait and see.