Saturday, March 31, 2012

34?? Am I really that old??

I was not excited about turning 34 today. I was okay with 30-32. I still felt young. Last year 33 was starting to worry me, but 34? That's getting too close to 40. But you can't stop time so I just need to roll with it. Even though I wasn't excited about my new number, I had a great day! Scottie was home all day long, and made the day special for me. The kids slept in, which was awesome. Last year I was sick and sleep deprived, so this year was definitely a lot better!

I came downstairs to find breakfast waiting for me courtesy of Grace. Unfortunately she made the cereal when she first got up, so by the time I got down there it was pretty soggy. I gulped down a few bites to let her know I appreciated her efforts. She was so excited to make breakfast for me. She also stayed up late making that bunny. She used a half&half carton and some stuffing from an old toy. I can't believe how creative she is, she definitely didn't get it from me! :) Grace can bring a lot of drama into our house, but she has the sweetest heart. I love her!

**FYI: a big bowl of Cheerios and two pop-tarts are not standard breakfast fare for our family. In fact those are the first pop-tarts we've had in the house for months. Grace talked me into it the other day. I guess she wanted me to feel really special!

Jude tried to sneak one of my pop-tarts. Of course I gave him one, because I'm really bad about spoiling my baby boy!! ;)

Scottie's dad came over yesterday and cut the legs on our table and chairs. The counter top height was too much for our little ones. Avery fell off the chairs on a daily basis and got hurt a few times. I'm so happy with our "new" table and chairs!!

Avery shocked me by sleeping in longer than anyone. It's probably because she got up 2 or 3 times during the night. She ended up in our bed and snoozed the morning away.

Scottie decided to bless me with some french toast this morning. I should note that he NEVER cooks. I can probably count on my fingers the number of times he's cooked something for our family. He always does a great job when he does cook, maybe I should try to recruit him more often. Yeah right, that's not going to happen! ;) So it makes it special when he does take over the kitchen.

Do you notice Jude right there watching Daddy's every move? He pushed the stool over there himself. He has to watch people cook. We have to keep moving his stool so he isn't so close to the heat. (Don't worry, the stove wasn't on in this picture.)

Here's my awesome present from Scottie! I told him I've been wanting a speaker system for the ipod. I'm a big advocate for playing music at all times. I really wanted something I could use in the kitchen when I'm cooking or cleaning. This one can be plugged in or I can switch it to the battery and use it anywhere. It also has a radio feature, which was a nice surprise. I love listening to the radio too! I was very happy with my present. Thanks honey! :)

Grace made that card for me. She cut out strips of paper and glued them onto the card. She wrote a really sweet poem inside. Again, she has the sweetest heart!

I was so thankful to have my little family with me for the entire day. I feel very blessed!

Next up... Chicago!! It's going to be a blast!